About Us

Incorporated in Mumbai in 2010, Branxo Technologies(earlier known as VedStyl Ventures) is a complete brand merchandising solutions provider to brands, companies, and other institutions.


Our core product range includes digital goods such as gift cards, latest tech gadgets, bank pre-paid cash cards, meal passes along with traditional gifts and merchandise like customized apparels, stationery, souvenirs and bags.

Keeping the purpose of the merchandise as the central theme, we deliver well-researched advisory and smooth execution for our clients over the complete value chain of merchandising from idea origination to designing, from sampling to order execution and from production & quality control to the final delivery of the products.

We offer a complete range of services that fully outsource the merchandising process:

  • High engagement promotional products for companies

  • Gift Cards, Loyalty, Rewards and Experiences for customers and employees

  • Online Bulk Store Solution for purchase and HR managers

  • Logo Store Solution with company logo branded products for employees, partners, distributors

In the past decade, Branxo, along with its partners, has serviced 30+ global companies and hundreds of SMEs and startups with over 400+ projects across India.

How does merchandising benefits?

It’s an Investment

merchandising provides your company with a highly cost-effective medium for brand and team building.

It’s Sticky

unlike print ads, well-designed merchandise is not thrown away. T-shirts, caps, pens and other merchandise become a part of the user's personality and constantly deliver your messaging both to them and to everyone they interact with.

It’s Welcomed

unlike sales pitches and other obtrusive media, merchandising is actually welcomed by the receiver as a gift. It is a great way to break the media clutter and spread your message.

It Unites

whether it is T-Shirts for your sales team on the ground or annual gifts to your company’s associates or customers; merchandising makes everyone feel a part of your brand thus fostering brand loyalty.