Helps you create your special and unique magic mirror photo frame by adding your favorite photos which suits your requirement. This magical mirror is circular in shape and its diameter and radius is 20 cm. It is just an ordinary mirror, without electric power ; there is an USB cable (with USB adapter) to establish the connection with socket. After connection the mirror will immediately turn into photo frame, it can also be used as lamp at night. Once the cable is connected it will start glow, when it’s switched off it will convert in to mirror. Frames are made from fine quality material, making it light in weight, easy to maintain, and long lasting. A mirror on the wall makes it the most beautiful of them all. When this is enhanced with hand crafted the beauty is just unsurpassed. Any wall in home or office is just right for it. It serves two purposes – on turning its lights off, its glass serves as a clear mirror. The magnificent appeal of frame enhanced manifold by silver carving design at the top and bottom of white photo frame. It can be used by connecting it with USB cable (included) as well as 3 x AA Batteries (not Included).

2 in 1 Mirror Photo Frame with LED Light

  • Rs.251 - Rs.500


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