Small, Sleek & Stylish Power station : Almost the size of your passport, our charger is durable, lightweight and works great at the office, at home and even on vacation! Ideal for those who like to be kept powered up on the move, power up all your devices with no hassle! The compact and sleek design ensures you can plug it in virtually anywhere, so a battery boost is always within reach. All Round Safety : In- Built safety checks like voltage, temperature and current control, protects your connected device from damage due to inconsistencies in the power output. Conference Rooms to House Parties : No longer stress about depleting battery or fight about who has to charge their device. With the capacity to charge 5 devices in parallel, now everyone can happily charge their devices be it in the conference room or at a party or during a vacation.

8A USB Turbo Charger Hub

  • Rs.1001 - Rs.2000


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