Can Shaped Water Powered Clock With a classy look, this clock makes a great timepiece for your Desks, Nightstands, or Other Tables. When you are going to add clean water to the container. Bored with normal alarm clocks Try the new Eco-friendly Can Shaped Water Powered Clocks powered with only water. A classic ECO clock powered by water and available in four colors. Accurate, environmentally friendly, easy to use and powered by water. A high-quality clock that runs itself. Running 100% on natural power without batteries, chemicals or anything other than water and a dash of lemon juice. Fill it up for more than six weeks of timekeeping. With its contemporary tin shaped design, it’s ideal for use at home or in the office and makes the perfect gift. Although a clock is an extremely small gadget, it still uses power. No gadget is too small to harvest green energy and water powered clocks can be used in rooms that do not get enough light in order to use solar power.

Can Shaped Water Clock

  • Rs.251 - Rs.500