The 14-inches laptop sleeve by Stuffcool is very clever in design and function. Attention to detail is a given - for example even stitching at seams and a heavy-duty zipper that will not lose its grip easily. What we love about the sleeve is that it can be use as a carry case as well; in short the Easy Fit Sleeve accommodates thicker laptops or netbooks. Two handles on the side, slip into the outer pocket, for you transition between sleeve and carry case. The outer pockets are good for carrying additional accessories like mouse, charger and perhaps stationery. The inner felt lining keeps everything scratchproof, and seals with sturdy Velcro strips. Getting into the inner detailing, the soft velvet is a given, and so is the three-sided inner protection for the laptop. This allows you to use the laptop within the cover and ensure that it doesn't slip out of its position, or get scratched at the edges while zipping up. What this means is that the locking mechanism integrates flaps on the inside and you can even place the laptop on your lap, without taking it out of the sleeve. Lastly, the durable neoprene material absorbs bumps and nicks, offering a complete carrying and storing solution for your device .

GO Easy Fit Sleeve For Laptop

  • Rs.1001 - Rs.2000


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