Nobody likes to chew on unmixed clumps in their drinks, so we are you a powerful stainless steel Gym shaker workout protein bottle that mixes the thickest of drinks with ease. Wide lid mouth that constructed for easy supplements and ice cubes filling. The wide lid mouth also saves Time and makes it easier cleaning for a shaker that smells always fresh as. It's a strong flask companion while traveling, Playing, sporting, and also brings out the of you at school, office and home activities, everywhere Marked measurements for accurate mixing. Wash it in top rack dishwasher it's safe. After washing you get a FRESH bottle each time. Not only for you, your friends who are fitness enthusiast will never forget you if you give them this classic blender bottle/shaker as a. Not only will it help them to remain fit but they will be healthy as you both can enjoy your friendship and achieve your goals together as a team.

Gym Shaker Bottle

  • Rs.251 - Rs.500


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