The Heng Balance Lamp is an interactive way to brighten up your room! To switch on the lamp, pull the lower sphere upwards. Balance the 2 dangling magnetic spheres by attaching them together to illuminate a warm, gentle glow. It’s more than just a desk lamp! It incorporates beautiful minimalist design and can be used as a nightlight, reading light, bedside light, and more. It is suitable for all types of rooms and occasions. Decorate your house with this relaxing decor piece. This innovative lamp was a Reddot award winner in 2016 for its beautiful and unique design. Choose from a natural wood color, dark black, red, and white. Our lamps are suitable for all rooms and occasions. Bring it into your office for a unique and interactive way to light the area. It looks beautiful in the living room and adds a nice decorative element to your bedroom. It’s so easy to use, even a child can operate it, which makes it perfect for a kids’ room. Whether you keep it on the coffee table, on your work desk, or on a shelf, this lamp will add a beautiful, decorative touch to any area. It also makes an excellent gift for birthdays, Christmas, anniversaries, and other special occasions. Give it to a college student so they can add a sophisticated element to their dorm room. It adds a decorative focal point to any room with the added benefit of producing a soft, relaxing glow for reading, resting, and more.

Heng Balance LED Desk lamp

  • Rs.1001 - Rs.2000


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