Experience the magic of OLED TV with LG 139 cm (55 Inch) 4K Ultra HD LED Smart TV. With a display of 3840 x 2160 and a super-slim bezel, this OLED TV screen is crafted to please the eyes of its viewers. The wide viewing angle of this OLED makes any spot of the living room the best one. Do you know that your favourite Amazon Prime and Netflix shows along with YouTube videos are just a point-and-click away with LG Magic Remote of this smart TV? This is not just your regular entertainment box. This Smart OLED TV has a mind thanks to LG ThinQ AI that listens to your commands and answers accordingly. With the Google Assistant and Alexa voice assistance feature, you can command and control all the connected smart devices. This OLED TV features AirPlay 2 compatibility. So go ahead and stream all movies, music and pictures from your Mac, iPhone or iPad.

LG 139cm (55 Inch) 4K Ultra HD OLED Smart TV

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