Ideal Lunch Solution for Everyone The Milton Double Decker lunch box is the perfect solution for your lunch carrying needs, whether you are a working professional or a student. Featuring a set of two small round containers and one large oval container along with a carry case and a fork and spoon, this lunch box can help you carry a wide range including sabzis, rotis, curries, rice, salads and more with ease. As these containers feature air-tight lids with insulated bodies, you can enjoy fresh taste, freshness and temperature of your food for hours. Elegant Design with Perfect Usability Featuring see-through plastic, you can easily identify food in the containers without having to open the lid. The unique and efficient design of the Milton Double Decker lunch containers makes it possible to store a large amount of food in a lesser amount of space. It comes with an insulated and stylish pink carry case with a belt, making it easy to carry this lunch box wherever you go. Easy to Maintain, Built to Last Made from break-resistant and high durable moulded plastic, the Milton Double Decker lunch box is built to last for a long time even with regular use. As they are both microwaveable and safe for storage in the freezer, you can heat food stored in the fridge without having to transfer the contents to a different container. Furthermore, along with being easy to clean and maintain, these containers prevent stale odour from seeping into your food.

Milton Double Decker Lunch Box

  • Rs.251 - Rs.500


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