The Pebble PCC3M is the perfect companion for anyone on the go. Its a perfect combination of wireless Bluetooth headset and a car charger. It has a two part design which comes with a Mono Bluetooth headset which is docked on the upper side of the charger and 3 USB ports with 4.2A output which is on the front side with which you can charge 3 devices simultaneously. The Bluetooth 4.1 ear pod offers you the luxury of hands-free calling so that you can focus on the roads and drive safely. The Mono Bluetooth Earbud ensures that you receive the best audio quality possible and the Ergonomics design make sure that these Wireless Earbuds are always sitting comfortably in your ear. Mono Earbud comes with smart features like Auto-charging and auto-power off which make sure that it never wastes energy. With 3 USB Design it comes with Smart ID that detects the optimum charging current for the fastest and efficient charging experience.

Pebble 3 USB Car Charger with In-Built Mono Bluetooth Headset

  • Rs.1001 - Rs.2000


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