mBell: - smart re-chargeable doorbell which connects to the 2.4GHz Wi-Fi network of your home. Once anyone presses the mBell smart door-bell, the members inside the house will hear a nice chime and you will see, on your smartphone, a 720p HD video of that person at the door. You can also speak to the person from your phone. You just need to install a free WeHome app on your Adroid or iOS device. Portronics mBell gives you a bigger view of the outside of your door with up to 180degree horizontal and over 100degree verticle view span. Thus even if the person at the door steps on sides of the mBell or stoops low, you'll be able to clearly see him/her on your mobile just by moving the fingers on your mobile screen in the WeHome mobile app.

Portronics mBell Security - POR878

  • Rs.5001 - Rs.10000


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