RUFFPAD 12 PLUS is a re-writable LCD pad cum electronic tablet with a content safety feature and a smooth stylus. RuffPad 12 Plus is ideal for sketching, drawing, note taking, calligraphy, writing practice, messaging, learning math or setting up reminders. You can take picture of the content on RuffPad 12 Plus with your smartphone and store it. This product brings in a new and innovative way of implementing technology in education sector too. This paperless LCD notepad with one-touch delete button is efficient enough to write over 10,0000 times and thereby becomes an environment friendly option also saving a lot of clutter, paper and money over time. LCD electronic writers are devised eco-friendly and are paperless mash up of sketchbooks, memo pads, notebooks, drawing pads which are all incorporated into one little tech gadget. Moreover, it uses LCD technology to provide the best quality writing experience in a modern and slickly designed package for everyone.

Portronics RuffPad 12 Plus - POR942

  • Rs.1001 - Rs.2000


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