Activity Tracking - So measure your progress on the path to fitness with Yogg Plus you can take the guess-work out of your daily activities. Accurately measure how much distance you actually walked or jogged how many calories you truly burnt in a day and how well you slept in the night. Connectivity - Yogg Plus pairs with your smartphone on bluetooth 4.0 which consumes less power and once paired initially it connects automatically. Notification Support - Notification of incoming calls, Whatsapp messages, SMS, emails, missed Calls: You can see the content of these messages and phone number on the screen of Yogg Plus. Easy Charging By simply inserting in any 1A/2A USB adapter you can easily charge the inbuilt 45mAh battery. Once fully charged, it can remain charged up to four days. It has a standby time of 7 days. Remote Camera - You can take pictures on your paired smartphone from Yogg Plus screen as long as it’s in 10 meter (bluetooth range). Sedentary Alert - Yogg Plus, you not only track and measure your activity levels to improve your overall fitness, you can use it as a daily assistant for reminders, fitness goals, social media and phone call alerts. As a smart assistant it also gently reminds you that you have been sitting for a long time and nudges you to move for better blood circulation.

Portronics Yogg Plus

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