Consolidate all your USB-wall-charging needs. Massive 31.5W power and 6.3A to share, simultaneously power-up 3 devices.SmartQ Fast Charging technology Smartly detects devices connected, chose suitable current to charge at fastest speed possible. Massive power for simultaneous charging Packed with massive 31.5W power, 6.3A to share - enough to fill-in charge to 3 mobile devices simultaneously. The true family charger Consolidate all your USB wall charging needs. Supports all phones. tablets including iPad and iPhones, MP3 players, other USB chargeable devices. Leave your device specific chargers; rely on the QuantumZERO charger. Perhaps this is a common charger for your entire family.Safety Assured Multiple built-in safeguards fully protect you and your devices against over-current, overcharging and overheating. Easy charging accessibility for all at once, at one place We know you got multiple mobile devices, need easy charging accessibility for all at once, at one place. This charger is designed to do the exact same job. Henceforth no short of USB-outlets, no ‘waiting-in-queue for charging’ or no vigil-keeping on charging at various places. Super compact, travel-ready Small and ultra-portable charger with 100-240V universal power supply. Built with top quality materials for long life; sturdy construction to sustain everyday use.

QuantumZERO Wall Charger

  • Rs.501 - Rs.1000


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