Tata Swach from the house of TATA Group brings to you a unique experience of water purification anytime anywhere from any source. Tata Swach InstaSip is an instant purifier that can purify water from any source and provide instant potable drinking water. Water, water, everywhere, Nor any drop to drink? Felt unsafe about drinking water from a source you don’t trust? Ever stuck up in a place with no water to buy? So while you are on travel, moving around the city, trekking up those hills or crossing a river, stuck up in the middle of nowhere, working away in the gym, inside your office, in the school – save those bucks from buying packaged bottles repeatedly every time you are thirsty and use Tata Swach InstaSip instead. What’s more? You save upto 1000 plastic bottles and get a happy green edge! Tata Swach InstaSip uses cutting edge ultrafiltration technology to purify water and is ISO certified for its quality.

Tata Swach InstaSip Instant Purifier Bottle

  • Rs.251 - Rs.500


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